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Pavilions Policies

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No dogs or other pets will be brought into the facility, with the exception of persons requiring service animals for visual impairment, disability or medical reasons, without written permission from the Director of the Complex.

Arrangements/Final Plans

Lessee is responsible for contacting the Brazos County Exposition Complex with their complete plans four (4) weeks prior to the lease agreement. Arrangements are not guaranteed unless it is in writing and signed by a representative of the Complex.


No straw or hay shall be used as bedding. All livestock and horses will be bedded in shavings. Livestock events will be required to purchase shavings from the Brazos County Exposition Complex. Horse events will be required to purchase shavings from the Brazos County Exposition Complex for each horse stall rented. Shavings will not be required for tack stalls rented.


In order to receive a deposit refund, cancellation notice must be given 90 days before the event. The Lessee will forfeit all of their contracted fees if cancellation is received less than 72 hours before the time of occupancy.


Clean-up of the Brazos County Exposition Complex is the responsibility of the Lessee. Cleaning will include the arena, stands, the grounds (inside and outside) and the concession stand (if leased). Manure is to be placed in the appropriately marked containers. If lessee does not complete the clean-up after an event, a charge of $25 per man, per hour with a maximum of $400 will be assessed to the Lessee. Clean-up of the bedding material in the Pavilion after the conclusion of the event is the responsibility of the Brazos County Exposition Complex.

Late Clean-up

Lessee must have the Brazos County Exposition Complex clean and all belongings removed from the Complex by the time specified in the lease agreement. Late clean-up will require a late clean-up fee.


Lessee is responsible for damages incurred while the lessee is utilizing the Brazos County Exposition Complex. Damages are charged at cost plus 25%.


The lessee is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those associated with their event during the installation, display and removal of all decorations. Decorations causing damage to floors, walls or other structures are not permitted. This includes the use of tape, tacks, nails or staples.

Insurance Requirements

Proof of comprehensive Public Liability Insurance is required for all Arena events. A one million dollar ($1,000,000) public liability insurance policy for bodily injury or death is required. The policy must name the Brazos County Exposition Complex as additional insured. The policy must be effective during the lease times as stated on the contract, including move-in and move-out

First Aid

Lessee may be required to provide, at the Complex Director’s discretion, certified first aid personnel during the lease term. Lessee assumes total responsibility for the qualifications and actions of first aid personnel. Any accidents or incidents requiring first aid treatment must have a written report and a copy filed with the Complex management office as soon as possible.


The Brazos County Exposition Complex is not responsible for any accidents or injury to persons, property or livestock.

Move-In and Move-Out

Move-in and move-out days are from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. The rental fee for move-in and move-out days include half light only. If full lighting is needed the show day rate will apply. Additional hours outside of move-in and move-out time period will be charged at $75 for each hour.


The Complex Director establishes security officer requirements. Officers are required at any event having alcohol and any event having over 100 guests. Only uniformed certified peace officers that are employed by a municipal, county or state law enforcement agency having local jurisdiction are
used. Officers are scheduled by Complex management and must be paid individually by Lessee at the Commencement of the event. The number of officers required is provided to you upon contracting for your event. The fee for security officers is $25 per hour per officer.

Stall Area Usage

The stall area used will be determined by the Brazos County Exposition Complex Director prior to move-in for the event.

RV Hook-up

RV space is available on a limited, first-come basis. The rental fee is $20 per day per RV.